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Buyer Agency in Italy

Buyer Agency

In Italy​​​​

We will help you choose, buy and deliver any goods from Italy: clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and much more.
Remote purchase and accompany you to factories in Milan, Rimini, Bologna and other cities of the country


Imperial, Rinascimento, Vanessa Scott, Roberta Biaggi, Babylon, Vicolo, Gil Santucci, Spazio Moda, Estrosa, Nila-Nila, Joleen, Kontatto and others.


Michael Kors, Pinko, Tommy Hilfiger, Sportmax Max Mara, Guess Jeans, Escada, Disel, Calvin Klein and others.


Gucci, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Dolce&Gabana, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Stefano Ricci, Missoni, Valentino, YSL, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and others.

Our specialists will help you make purchases in Italy


We carry out remote purchases from factories in Italy and send parcels around the world


Our experts will select a hotel; organize a transfer from the airport. They will escort to the factories and help with customs clearance and shipment of goods


We guarantee uninterrupted, regular deliveries to your country in any volume

Access to more than 100 brands directly from manufacturers in Italy

Why us?



Escort services provided by the Royal Group are absolutely free.



For more than 14 years, our company has been helping to carry out wholesale purchases in Italy for more than 1300 entrepreneurs of CIS countries. Our partners are top Italian factories!



We work with any kind of goods, as well as with any budget - from small purchases to large lots.


We provide access to more than 100 Italian brands for a wide market

Mass Market

 Mass Market

These products are targeted at the widest market. Here the collections are already sewn and are waiting for you in warehouses. You only need to choose the product you are interested in and order delivery or pick up the product yourself. We will help with customs clearance and shipment of goods

Imperial | Rinascimento | Vanessa Scott | Roberta Biaggi | Babylon | Vicolo | Gil Santucci | Spazio Moda | Estrosa | Nila-Nila | Joleen | Kontatto | 


Коллекции отшиваются 2-3 месяца. Обычно на лето следующего года заказы делаются в ноябре-декабре, на зиму в июне-июле

Middle Segment

Middle Segment

In the middle segment, collections are made to order. You get to the showroom of the factory you are interested in, make an order. Further, the collections are sewn off, and you either arrive in person to pick up the goods,  or make delivery

We help you throughout the entire process. From choosing a brand to delivering goods directly to your home or warehouse.

Michael Kors | Pinko | Tommy Hilfiger | Sportmax Max Mara | Guess Jeans | Escada | Disel | Calvin Klein |


The collections are held for 2-3 months. Usually for the summer of the next year, orders are made in November - December, for the winter - in June - July

 High Brands


Cooperation on each brand is discussed separately. Leave a request, we will consult

 High Brands

These are leading brands known all over the world. The pinnacle of luxury and style. Their products are art: the highest quality, exclusive designs and limited editions. Each aspect of cooperation is discussed individually

Gucci | Prada | Giorgio Armani | Dolce&Gabana | Miu Miu | Roberto Cavalli | Stefano Ricci | Missoni | Valentino | Yves Saint Laurent | Balenciaga | Alexander McQueen |

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The ROYAL GROUP team accompanies to factories in Italy and helps to carry out remote purchases directly from the manufacturer.



The Royal Group is a company that works with entrepreneurs all over the world, helping in purchasing various volumes from the best factories in Italy. Over 14 years of work, we have helped more than 1,300 companies from the CIS countries and global brands to take a firm place in the market.

Our goal is to make purchases easier and more accessible for everyone who wants to do business with Italian brands!










Head of trade department


Purchasing manager


Purchasing manager


Head of trade department


Purchasing manager


Purchasing manager


Purchasing manager


Purchasing manager

...and another 28 qualified specialists ensuring uninterrupted procurement and supply of goods

О нас говорят..

Talking about us


Why are our services free?

We make a profit from factories for attracting customers to them.

Do I have to come to Italy?

At least once, you need to fly in to make an order. In the future, it will be possible to work with some brands remotely.

In rare cases, it is possible to order online. Write to us, we will consult you on any questions you are interested in.

Where do I come to?

We can arrange a meeting from any airport near the cities: Milan, Venice, Bologna, Verona, Florence. From these cities we go to all the factories.

Card or cash payment?

There are various payment options available at the factories: online payment by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, cash or even cryptocurrency.

What is the minimum order?

- In the mass market segment, minimum purchases at each warehouse are €300 - €1000.

- In the middle segment the minimum order is €5000 - €10000.

- For high brands, the minimum order is negotiated for each brand separately.

How long to wait for tailoring?

- Mass Market goods you pick up immediately

- Medium segment collections and high brands are produced in 2-3 months on average.

How to pick up the goods?

You can pick up the goods yourself (if there is not much of it). Or you can order a delivery to home/warehouse. We will help with customs clearance and delivery.

What is the cost of shipping?

The cost of delivery depends on the country, volume and other factors. For consultation, contact our specialist. Worldwide delivery possible.

Royal Group: Your personal shopper in Italy

Hello! We are the Royal Group and we are proud to be your guide to the wonderful world of Italian brands. We are not just a company, we are your reliable partner, ready to go through every stage of the purchase next to you. Wholesale purchases from Italy. We specialize in remote procurement and support of factories in Milan, Rimini, Bologna and other cities of the country.

Our uniqueness

Cooperation with us will give you access to more than 120 brands and manufacturers in Italy, including branded clothing, accessories and shoes. We strive to offer you unique solutions and ranges that perfectly match your business needs.

Expanded range

With us you get access to a limitless world of goods. Whether it's branded clothing, accessories or shoes, we are ready to do our best for you. And no matter what your budget is, we will find suitable options from small quantities to large volumes of purchases.

Remote procurement and plant support

Our remote purchasing services allow you to shop in Italy, regardless of your location. In addition, we offer accompaniment to factories in various cities in Italy to check the goods and establish partnerships.

Our services are free

And yes, we are proud that our services are absolutely free for you. Thanks to special conditions and friendly relations with manufacturers, we benefit from attracting customers to them. We value your trust and do not want to burden you with additional costs. Your convenience is our priority.

Join us!

We, Royal Group, invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Italian beauty and style with us. We are ready to help you find the perfect products for your business and provide you with the best opportunities. Trust us and open the doors to the world of Italian brands! Join us today to get started with Royal Group. We are ready to help you purchase goods from Italy of any segment and volume, as well as provide convenience and professional support at all stages of cooperation.

Royal Group

Your personal buyer in Italy and guide in the fashion world

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